• Pandora Family Tree Charm

Pandora Family Tree Charm

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The Pandora Charm is the manifestation of the importance that your loved ones have in your life. It is a charm with a safety chain, finished in sterling silver with a beautiful design inspired by the Pandora family tree. This Family Tree charm is compatible with Moments bracelets and will add a truly special touch to your favorite outfits.

With the Pandora Charm you will ensure your Pandora styles, but additionally you will carry wherever you go, the love you feel for your family. Its design is finished in sterling silver and is completely inspired by the iconic Pandora family tree. A chain that connects to the tree in the shape of a heart emerges from his two albums and on each of them there is a subtle engraving 'family' and 'love. If love for your family is your map and your destination, this is definitely the accessory that will enhance this special connection in a precious way.

  • Reference:799293C00-05

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