• Pandora Moments Tender Pumpkin Charm

Pandora Moments Tender Pumpkin Charm

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Pandora Moments pumpkin charm. This cute seasonal creation will not leave you indifferent with its perfect design to wear on Halloween. Plus, thanks to its special enamel, when the lights go out, it glows green - fun and just a little bit spooky!

Wear the pumpkin charm this Halloween and collect it as a unique keepsake. This glow-in-the-dark creation is crafted in sterling silver and features intricate details on its face, such as two beautiful heart eyes and a zigzag mouth, complete with an orange enamel applique that turns fluorescent when the lights go out. Wear it paired with your Moments snake chain bracelets and get ready for a super special occasion.
  • Reference:792291C01

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