• Captain Marvel Charm

Captain Marvel Charm

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Power up your collection with Captain Marvel's signature charm: an emblem that radiates power and meaning. Carefully crafted from metal alloy and 14k gold-plated, this circular charm channels the essence of the iconic Captain Marvel. With a star engraved on each side, this Pandora Moments bracelet-compatible accessory celebrates the iconic 3D star on one side, paying homage to the intrinsic strength and bravery she embodies.
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This Marvel charm features brightly colored sparkling zirconia that accentuate the star motif, infusing the piece with a dynamic and energetic glow. A deeply inspiring message, 'HIGHER FURTHER FASTER,' has been precisely engraved on the back of the charm. These words are not merely an inscription, but a mantra that symbolizes the constant pursuit of self-improvement and the dedication to tirelessly pursue the boldest dreams. Every time you look at this Pandora charm, you will be reminded of the importance of reaching uncharted heights and fearlessly moving forward into the unknown
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