• Rose Gold and Topaz Good Mood Ring

Rose Gold and Topaz Good Mood Ring

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A jewel that allows you to explore your most positive side and comfort with gala night appeal. It is a cocktail ring in perfect rose gold, which has been created to accompany you in your day to day, breaking the rules of everyday life. Create fantastically eye-catching outfits with the Good Mood Grau Collection.

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This topaz cocktail ring transgresses all your looks and turns them into a true work of art. Bold, the ring is made of 18K rose gold, and in the center, it is adorned by a colorful London topaz. Around this imposing gem, 6 sky blue topazes stand out, forming a spectacular design due to their brilliance, color and purity. The precious stones are set with 4 staples, which allows the ring in rose gold to shine like the jewel of night that it is, but without forgetting its carefree intention. The Good Mood collection proposes you to always shine, even in casual moments. That is why this ring with pure topaz, you can wear it on any occasion, even in your most comfortable or genuine moments.

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