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  • Rose Gold and Topaz Good Mood Earrings

Rose Gold and Topaz Good Mood Earrings

Here you have the wow factor of your comfort looks. Every set deserves bright and fascinating earrings like the ones in the Good Mood Grau collection. A performance crafted by expert jewelers that adds color magic to your monochrome days.


If you're looking to feel inspired and magnify those days of comfort, Good Mood Topaz Earrings are your fantastic choice. With a design that will make you fall in love at first sight, the earrings are delicately made in 18K rose gold and in them two topaz shine: one sky blue and the other London. The Grau earrings have a snap closure and are part of the Good Mood collection, a celebration of life, positivism, party, life, color. All this colorful attitude can be worn and combined on any occasion, but above all, in those moments when you need an extra dose of powerful joy. Immortalize your present with the rose gold earrings with blue topaz.

  • Reference:A013096SKL03

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