• Rose Gold Ring with Amethyst and Rhodalites

Rose Gold Ring with Amethyst and Rhodalites

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Imagine the perfect day: the light is clear, you wear a comfortable look and you wear a beautiful cocktail ring so expressive that it only exudes good humor. This is how this new jewel from the Good Mood collection is, a style statement that will fascinate you from the first moment with its irreverent and versatile personality.

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Wear it while you are comfortable to enhance your deep authentic shine. The Amethyst and Rhodalite cocktail ring fascinates by its exquisite combination of shades with the 18K rose gold of the ring. Shine, avant-garde and technique have been embodied in this jewel of good humor, which is inspired by the party, the joy of life and friends. The gems have been set with 4 staples to add class and give off a perfect evening glow. If you like to transgress the everyday with sublime jewelry, here is your match that says it all without words, since the Good Mood collection has been created precisely for that: to be rebellious and breathe again the oxygen of modernity, while you can feel fresh and free with your comfort looks.

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