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  • Amethyst and Morganite Rose Gold Ring

Amethyst and Morganite Rose Gold Ring

The prestige of this precious Grau jewel is proportional to how well it will look with your comfort outfits. It is a disruptive and avant-garde cocktail ring, which you can wear in your day to day, making your life a true eternal celebration.


With this special piece of jewelry you can do two things: shout to the world who you are and use it as a star charm to remind yourself that life is short, and therefore a reason for celebration. This time the new Good Mood collection presents a luminous 18K rose gold ring with a striking amethyst in the middle and 6 morganites painstakingly mounted to 4 staples to generate that evocative vibrant shine. Explore your positive side with an inspiring jewel that wants to reinvent the way you wear your accessories on a daily basis.

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