• Rosette Ring Grau White Gold and Aquamarine

Rosette Ring Grau White Gold and Aquamarine

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The Grau aquamarine rosette ring is an exceptional example of craftsmanship and refinement. Every detail has been taken care of, and the delicacy with which it has been crafted is evident in every curve and facet. The 18-karat white gold, used as a base, sets a magnificent contrast with the dazzling diamonds and aquamarine, creating a play of light that gives the jewel an almost mystical beauty.

The combination of the central rosette and the thin hand-polished band on the Grau ring create a perfect encounter between two classic jewelry elements: 18kt white gold, with its timeless romanticism, and diamonds, which have always been considered the best allies to elevate any look to iconic places. But this touching design also consists of an attractive oval-cut Aquamarine surrounded by a halo of 14 diamonds with a total weight of 0.13ct and 4 diamonds with a total weight of 0.04 ct. The name ' meaning 'sea water'. This is due to its characteristic greenish blue tone, which evokes the color of the ocean. The combination of this stone with white gold is versatile and can suit both classic and modern styles - a timeless choice that remains popular today!

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