• Solitaire Ring Grau White Gold & Topaz

Solitaire Ring Grau White Gold & Topaz

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This Grau solitaire ring is not only a display of fine design and craftsmanship, but also an expression of love and commitment. Its timeless beauty and radiant sparkle make it a perfect choice to seal unforgettable moments, such as a marriage proposal or a special anniversary.

The undisputed protagonist of this magnificent ring in 18kt white gold is the blue topaz, whose color brings to mind the immensity of the sky on a clear day. The emerald cut enhances the beauty of this precious stone, giving it a distinctive and sophisticated look. While the ingeniously elevated setting adds a touch of majesty, enhancing the topaz's radiance and allowing light to pass through it unhindered. However, the wonder of this Grau ring does not end with the topaz. Around the ring, set at 4 prongs and up to the middle of the ring, 18 brilliant-cut white diamonds sparkle. The total of 0.15 carats of these gemstones adds extra sparkle to the setting, giving it a timeless elegance and a touch of unquestionable luxury. The way the prongs interlock creates a harmonious design that enhances the beauty of each diamond and gives it a sense of movement.

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