• Seiko Presage Watch

Seiko Presage Watch

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In this Seiko Presage watch, the number XII on the dial stands out in a passionate red, like a Momiji leaf that has fallen in the garden. This small touch of color adds a dose of vitality to the serenity of the surrounding white, reminding us of the transience of beauty and the constant transformation of nature. The second and 24-hour hands, also tinged with red, seem to symbolize the leaves falling gracefully from the trees, a reminder of the inevitable march of time.
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The Presage watch case, in its round shape and made of steel, encloses a delicate picture of elegance. Measuring 41.8 mm, the case provides the perfect canvas for this work of engineering. The sapphire crystal protecting the dial is a transparent window into the world of meticulous details found within: such as the design of deep markings that create shadows, emulating the gravel furrows in the Karesansui garden. Each mark tells a story, each shadow evokes a feeling, and together, they create a visual experience that goes beyond words. The silver-plated steel strap, to finish, features a double push-button clasp, perfectly complementing the men's watch case. Its neat and minimalist design does not compete with the dial, but enhances it, creating an aesthetic harmony that is a pleasure for the senses.
  • Reference:SSA443J1

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