• Swarovski Cystal Shimmer Ballpoint Pen

Swarovski Cystal Shimmer Ballpoint Pen

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More than just a writing instrument, the Crystal Shimmer biros from the eponymous collection is a symbol of creativity and elegance. It combines Swarovski's technical precision with a design that fascinates with its sophistication and modernity.

Its slender silhouette, bathed in a rose gold tone, evokes a dance of light and harmony. The octagonal barrel with its clean, geometric lines is set against the smoothness of the rounded tip, creating a perfect balance between form and function. With every stroke of the Swarovski biros with black ink you can have a sensory experience thanks to the exquisite texture of the Ultra-fine Crystal Rocks crystals that adorn the pen. These crystals, which catch the light with unparalleled brilliance, turn writing into an act of pure beauty. Likewise, the minimalist clip design and smooth-operating twist mechanism complete the impeccable aesthetics of this pen. Its compact size of 14.5 x 1 cm makes it ideal to take with you wherever you go.
  • Reference:5678182

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