• Cystal Blue Shimmer Swarovski Ballpoint Pen

Cystal Blue Shimmer Swarovski Ballpoint Pen

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The Crystal Shimmer collection is renewed with the arrival of a shimmering new writing instrument: a blue Swarovski biros that fuses classic elegance with modern simplicity to bring dazzling creativity to life.

Its silhouette, lacquered in a deep blue, is defined by a unique design: an octagonal drum that widens towards the tip, topped by an impeccably symmetrical dial. In this dance of shapes and textures, function and aesthetics merge in perfect balance. The Swarovski pen is adorned with Ultra-fine Crystal Rocks, expertly set in the barrel of the instrument. These shards of light catch and refract ambient light, creating a sparkling spectacle that accompanies every stroke. Finally, a sober and elegant metal clip completes the pen's design, and its smooth and precise twist mechanism allows for smooth, uninterrupted writing.
  • Reference:5678190

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