• Bracelet Riviere Grau Yellow Sapphires and Rose Gold

Bracelet Riviere Grau Yellow Sapphires and Rose Gold

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One of the most outstanding features of this Rivere Grau bracelet is the choice of the emerald cut for the yellow sapphires. This refined and artistic cut enhances the natural beauty of the gems, allowing light to pass through them and reflect dazzlingly on each one. Each sapphire is like a small window to the sky, catching the light and releasing it in a magnificent sparkle that envelops you with its radiance.
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The Riviere Grau bracelet, envelops you in an aura of good energy and glamour from the moment you place it on your wrist. A lane of 54 yellow sapphires, weighing a total of 16.50 carats, is majestically presented in emerald cut, in an 18kt rose gold setting hand-polished by the skilled Grau master jewelers. This array of dazzling gemstones creates a very joyful fusion of brilliance and color, which stands out both in bracelet combinations and worn individually, especially when you wish to accent monochromatic or sober outfits. The Riviere Grau bracelet has been designed to fit perfectly on your wrist, thanks to its elastic band. This feature ensures that you can put it on and take it off with ease, while it molds precisely to the shape of your wrist.
  • Reference:406TSM54G@PGGR

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