• Bracelet Riviere Grau Diamonds and White Gold

Bracelet Riviere Grau Diamonds and White Gold

The term 'Rivière' comes from French and means 'river'. The Rivière bracelet receives this name because the gems in the bracelet are arranged in a fluid way, as if they were the waters of a river. Therefore, it is no coincidence, that in our most recent launch we bet on this type of design and two classics of fine jewelry: white gold and diamonds, both a tonal success that create a halo effect, fluid and magnificent on the wrist when light meets light.
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The Riviere Grau bracelet, made with the finest materials and carefully crafted in our workshops, is a real jewel that will transport you to a heavenly place. Every time you wear it on your wrist, you will feel a special connection with the divine, as if you were carrying a little piece of heaven with you. To begin with, the elastic bracelet, stands out for having a perfect row of 54 emerald-cut diamonds (12.75 cts. FVS), which are in a hand-polished setting in 18kt white gold. One of the most outstanding features of this masterpiece is the emerald-cutting technique used on diamonds and its 4-setting. This type of cut enhances the natural beauty of the diamonds allowing the light to reflect dazzlingly from all angles; so the brilliance will be assured in your most iconic outfits day or night.
  • Reference:406TSM54G@WGBT

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