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  • Bracelet Riviere Grau Pink Sapphires

Bracelet Riviere Grau Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphires are gems that have been prized throughout history for their mysterious appearance and connection to the celestial world. Sapphires were believed to be the tears of the gods, fallen from the sky and turned into precious stones for their strength and purity. Thus, every time you wear the Riviere Grau bracelet, made with the utmost care and detail in our workshops, you will be carrying with you a little piece of heaven, a connection with the divine that envelops your wrist with its radiance.
When you admire the Riviere bracelet, you cannot help but marvel at the palette of radiant hues that unfolds from it. A lane of 54 pink sapphires (14.97 cts.) in emerald-cut four-claw settings, stand imposingly in an 18Kt rose gold setting hand-polished by master jewelers Grau. This explosion of brilliance forms a tonal success that stands out in sets of bracelets, as well as in solitaire when it comes to accompany monochrome or very sober outfits. Likewise, the elastic bracelet is very easy to put on and take off as it adapts to your wrist with precision. In addition, the emerald-cut sapphires give the bracelet a touch of distinction and luxury. This cutting technique highlights the natural beauty of the gemstones, allowing the light to reflect dazzlingly on each of them. All in pink in this Grau bracelet to complete your essence!
  • Reference:406TSM54G@PGPI

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