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  • Grau White Gold Rosette Long Earrings, Sapphires, and Diamonds

Grau White Gold Rosette Long Earrings, Sapphires, and Diamonds

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Immerse yourself in high jewelry with Grau's White Gold, Sapphires, and Diamonds Rosette Long Earrings, authentic treasures that embrace classic and timeless beauty. The 18k white gold base, meticulously crafted in our own workshop, serves as a canvas for a spectacle of brilliance bestowed by the precious gemstones.
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At the center of each earring, a sapphire, deep and mysterious, captivates with its blue intensity, surrounded by ten diamonds that twinkle like stars on a clear night. The intricate structure of each rosette is a masterpiece of aesthetic engineering. The diamonds, precisely arranged, become petals that embrace the central gem, creating a symphony of light and color. These long earrings not only adorn, but also tell a story of luxury and sophistication. Each earring is a testament to Grau's jewelry artistry, where creativity and mastery intertwine to deliver exceptionally crafted jewels. Carry these Grau earrings with you to stand out on any occasion with a style that transcends trends, encapsulating the very essence of fashion.
  • Reference:G108-CONT

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