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  • Lavender Earrings P de Paola

Lavender Earrings P de Paola

The new Lavender Earrings P de Paola, of archaic French inspiration, belong to Cavalier collection P de Paola's, opulent and fierce, evoking the warrior woman that emerges as a new simplified sculpture reflected in a jewelry accessory, where square zirconia and orange tones stand out.


The Lavender Earrings P de Paola combines the opulence of the masculine, with the delicacy and subtlety of the feminine, to create a majesty in the form of earrings for women of archaic French ancestry. 

The 3.9 mm square zirconia stands out in a heavenly lavender tone, which gives it a striking touch that does not go unnoticed. Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver and 18 kt gold plated, this collection is widely recognized for the inspiration of violet as a prominent element within this jewelry accessory that emerges as the new simplified baroque.

  • Reference:AR01-232-U

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