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  • PDPAOLA Taurus Earrings

PDPAOLA Taurus Earrings

The Taurus Earrings with a subtlety that make you fall in love, will give off true light of the cosmos in your outfits. With a sweet character, but with the energy and willpower that characterizes this powerful earth sign, the Zodiac earrings are that charming addition that will sublimate your special moments.


With the Taurus Earrings you radiate your strength in a way that is as creative as it is delicate. In perfect sterling silver with a 18K yellow gold finish, PDPAOLA earrings inspire your days to shine as brightly as your powerful energy. These beautiful Taurus earrings have stones such as rose quartz, malachite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye and white zirconia. Wear them with other gold jewels, and show your love for the stars, your essence and the way you move in the world. Feel free.

  • Reference:AR01-405-U

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