• Pandora Charm The All Seeing Eye

Pandora Charm The All Seeing Eye

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The Danish house incorporates a piece full of spirituality to ward off all the negative from your life. This time she does it with the Pandora Charm The All-Seeing Eye, a heart-shaped silver jewel in a single piece. The “Lucky Protection” lettering and the all-seeing eye etching will chase the bad vibes out of your life.

Following the mystical line of energies and protection, Pandora creates a silver jewel that combines spirituality with the inscription 'Lucky Protection' on one side, with the classic heart design. This Pandora Charm The All Seeing Eye is inspired by the most traditional and ancient forms of jewelry: protective amulets, since they have been used for this use since ancient times. The heart is engraved with the protective eye whose protective rays emerge from its center. Its perfect size and simple design means that you can wear it with all styles. Fill your Pandora bracelet with good vibes with this accessory available on our website.
  • Reference:799179C00

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