• Double Pandora Charm Aunt and Niece

Double Pandora Charm Aunt and Niece

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The unmistakable style of Pandora creates a very special jewel for the family. The Pandora Aunt and Niece Charm is a double pendant charm formed by two hearts engraved with fine calligraphy. Both are adorned with embossed hearts to match. It is an ideal silver accessory to give to your favorite niece or aunt.

Family is our home, wherever we go wherever we go. The bonds of love are strong, unbreakable and pure and what better way to show it to the world than with the Pandora Aunt and Niece Charm. A delicate 925 silver jewel composed of two heart discs that fit together when both are put together since one of them is adorned with a heart in relief and the other in low relief. This double pendant charm has both discs engraved with the inscription 'In my heart', 'Forever', 'Aunt' and 'Sobrina. It is a precious jewel to give to that favorite aunt or niece and combine with your Pandora bracelets. Find out on our website!
  • Reference:799188C00

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