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  • gigiCLOZEAU Aquamarine Virgin Pendant

gigiCLOZEAU Aquamarine Virgin Pendant

As a beautiful representation of the serenity contained in the sky and the sea, gigiCLOZEAU presents the Aquamarine Virgin Pendant. Recharge yourself with celestial energy with this medal and add a mystical symbolism to your everyday look. Show yourself spiritual, show yourself gigiCLOZEAU!

From the Spring - Summer 2021 collection, the gigiCLOZEAU brand presents a magnetic spring combination of ancient heavenly symbols with modern trends. Like all the jewels created by the firm in its family workshop in the south of France, the Aquamarine Virgin Pendant also tells a story: A Miraculous Virgin, made in 18K rose gold, is suspended on a celestial background made of high-end resin aquamarine color. Adorned with a frame of small beads and attached to an all-rose gold ring, you can combine this beautiful medal with your favourite bracelets, chokers and necklaces. With artisan techniques, gigiCLOZEAU has succeeded in refining a style that will fill your days with light, colour and elegance. Pay a colourful tribute to your spirituality and share it with the world.

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