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  • Pink Madone Gigi CLOZEAU Necklace

Pink Madone Gigi CLOZEAU Necklace

The French firm brings you a beautiful jewel that exalts the beauty of the sacred and the Catholic tradition. It is a necklace that gently combines rose gold and pink resin pearls that surround the entire chain. Connect with your spiritual self with the Madone Gigi CLOZEAU necklace.


If you consider yourself a spiritual person, this is the amulet that will remind you of your essence. It is a subtle necklace handcrafted in 18K rose gold and pink resin pearls. From the middle of the 42 cm chain there is a beautiful enamelled rose gold virgin that has a lot of delicacy. All Gigi jewelry has something divine about the way it expresses itself, but this virgin charm necklace is a true work of art that will make your spiritual world as personal as it is heavenly.

  • Reference:B1VI008R2842XX

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