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  • Madone Supreme Gigi CLOZEAU Necklace

Madone Supreme Gigi CLOZEAU Necklace

With a beautiful presence, the Gigi necklace, faithfully represents the quality values of the French firm. This impressive jewel for its materials and workmanship, constitutes the harmonic complement that will make you connect with your deepest being.


The Gigi CLOZEAU firm has something divine in its creations. Each material is used with skill and this beautiful necklace with the virgin confirms it. To begin with, the Madone Supreme necklace is made of 18K rose gold and its 50 cm chain features transparent resin pearls. The charm of the Gigi necklace is a magnificent virgin, also in rose gold, and the back is decorated with white enamel. The virgin is adorned with 0.12 ct diamonds, which make her even more attractive and, she seems to dazzle with a heavenly halo. She wears a piece of heaven on your neck and connects with your most spiritual essence.

  • Reference:B1VI015R0150DI

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