• Badminton Birdie Dangle Charm Pandora

Badminton Birdie Dangle Charm Pandora

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Dynamism, love of sport and the freedom to feel your true passions have been the inspiration to design this Pandora jewel that exalts the love of badminton. Wear the charms from the Pandora Passions collection with Pandora Moments bracelets. You can combine your charms from your favorite hobbies and enjoy a cosmopolitan and captivating style.

Badminton dangle charm is hand-finished in sterling silver and detailed with a touch of pink enamel. In the lower part of the base some feathers are drawn alluding to the sport where the shuttlecock is the protagonist and in the upper part of the handle it has an engraving that expresses “Pandora loves Badminton”. With Pandora Passions and Pandora Moments bracelets you can redefine your passions and re-believe in the power of movement and sport.
  • Reference:799025C01

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