• Surfing Koala Charm Pandora

Surfing Koala Charm Pandora

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If Australia has been the place where you have lived unforgettable moments, Pandora's Surfing Koala charm will remind you how incredible it is to travel while you lose yourself in new sunny routes. Pandora Places collection favors your most personal style and at the same time gives you the opportunity to combine the charms of destinations in Pandora Moments bracelets.

Surfing Koala charm has been made in sterling silver and adorned with black, red and blue enamel that draw the Australian flag on the Pandora jewel. The cute expressions on the koala's face reflect the warmth of the land of Oz and also represents the most characteristic symbol of Australia. This sterling silver charm is compatible with Pandora Moments bracelets, reminding us that a memorable trip is a memory forever. Give it to someone special or simply collect your traveling memories on a Pandora bracelet.
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