• American Bald Eagle Charm Pandora

American Bald Eagle Charm Pandora

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Bald Eagle charm is part of the Pandora Places collection and invites you to let yourself be carried away by your adventurous instinct, collecting your favorite destinations and the memories of those places that will always accompany you. This sterling silver charm is compatible with the bracelets from the Pandora Moments collection.

This meaningful Pandora sterling silver charm embraces the identity of the American country. It is finished by hand and adorned on the eagle's backpack with touches of red, blue and white enamel recreating the flag of the North American country. You can wear the American Bald Eagle travel charm with Pandora Moments bracelets, which urge you not only to remember every adventure you've had around the world, but also to collect every moment of your favorite places.
  • Reference:799029C01

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